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Kittens and Cats

HouseCat Links

Pamper your kitty
HouseCat Homes products
Check out our handmade kitty products!
What kind of cat do you have?
This has a wide variety of information available!
Cat History
An informative white paper on
the domestication of cats (and more).
Feline Bookstore
Book, books, and more books!
Cat Fanciers
A list of links and pics just for cats (of all sizes)!
Worldwide Cats
You won't believe how many cats have their OWN homepages!
Cat Facts
Quite interesting information on this page and lots of links!
Cats on the Web
- wild to mild!
Nutrition and Remedies From PetQuarters
Wide variety
Cat products and services

Cat products and services

Look at this!! paws have padded here!

of the

Everything for the Discerning Cat

Your cat deserves the best

Cats love their private places.

We have special handmade products and some awesome cat links on the left.

We look forward to hearing from you - all suggestions are welcome!

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Cat products and services

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